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Marketing Package
15 a month for 1 page but for 20 multiple and ssl add small screenshot of https. Email Marketing Campaigns Engage, Nurture, Convert As a data-driven company, we’re able to help brands in all phases of their email marketing programs, from strategy development and creative design to platform selection, deployment, and measurement. We work to fully understand a client’s business goals, interpret those goals, and recommend how to incorporate email into a marketing strategy to create the optimal customer experience. One of the biggest tasks facing many businesses today is gaining and keeping prospective customers. Increasingly, most companies are turning to the newsletters as an effective way to market their products and services. Digital Vertex will set up a customized program to design and blast out your promotions and company information to your client database. Effective communication Brand recondition Increase client loyalty Increase website traffic Cost effective Communicate sale information Present company's expertise Longer shelf life Strategy Development Our data-driven approach extends to segmentation and content strategy, messaging frequency, and email cadence. We work with our clients to align their email campaigns to customer personas and business goals and develop a roadmap of activities designed to drive results. By leveraging customer data, we help brands create the most robust customer profiles possible and enable them to constantly get smarter about consumer behaviors to improve their campaigns. Additionally, our team develops nurture campaigns that focus on customers’ individual experiences, rather than simply where they fall in the sales funnel. We can then use this information across other marketing channels to maximize return on paid media investments and create a seamless experience throughout a customer’s entire journey. Creative Strategy We develop content and creative that will best resonate with a brand’s specific audience and drive results – whether the goal is transactions, engagement, or other KPIs. Leveraging our proprietary machine learning platform, Connex Personalization, we are able to optimize product, message, and content recommendations. This may include using purchase history and browsing trends to suggest additional products or showing articles and web pages based on customer interests. Email Platform Selection and Implementation Using a quantified framework, we are able to perform a platform-agnostic assessment and provide platform recommendations based on our clients’ business goals and email program maturity. Once we’ve identified the best platform for a client’s specific needs, we design a solution for platform implementation. Our process provides for seamless integration with existing technology (such as customer relationship management platforms, web analytics tools, and more) to assess relevant content and define events that would trigger emails optimized to the right customers. Campaign Execution, Measurement, and Optimization Our team of email experts is fluent in a variety of email services platforms and can build and execute campaigns against a strategic roadmap. When taking on program execution, we first do a full audit of a brand’s existing email program. These findings influence process optimizations for building emails, determining audience segments and content, and reporting campaign and segment performance to ensure our client is set up for success from a strategic and tactical standpoint. Following a program’s launch, we leverage a solid framework across the entire customer journey to measure its performance. This feedback loop enables us to continually adjust and optimize content and strategy to increase conversions and meet our client’s goals. With data as our guide, we deliver personalized messaging at the most relevant moments, yielding higher brand engagement and maximum return. From strategy and design to execution and measurement, we take a customer-centric approach, helping brands create a seamless, holistic experience that resonates through this tried-and-true channel.
An engaging website requires more than just a few minutes of clicking through a do-it-yourself builder. Is your site responsive? How is your user experience (UX)? Is your message delivered clearly? Is your ecommerce platform secure and easy to use? Whether you’re building your first site or redeveloping, our web design team has got you covered.
We love creating websites that drive revenue. We love combining compelling story, trust factors, and clear calls to action to get more clicks and more leads. Our specialty is where Visual Design and SEO combine.
5 more for extra pages and https GOT LINKS?
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Search Engine Optimization
add small screen shot of our SERP and how we can make it cool If you're evaluating different marketing strategies for your business, you're no doubt experimenting with SEO. It's the cornerstone to any website-based marketing program. This even includes Adwords and other PPC platforms. So, ranking for keywords is only part of the equation. Google and other platforms are becoming very good at measuring user experience as well. They want to see certain behaviors taking place, such as clicking and exploring once they arrive. This is why it doesn't matter whether you're earning rank through sweat or by paying for clicks. SEO counts. Learn more with a free consultation. We're unlike SEO companies that speak only about traffic Unlike other marketing companies specializing in SEO, we'll help you with attraction AND visitor experience. This will make your results something to build upon. Just ask, and we'll include a longer-term program that measures results, and helps us make data-driven decisions. We can either lead SEO efforts, take the back seat and let you drive, or fit in any other way you need. Implementation Get started on the right foot The SEO strategy we develop for you will have both immediate and long term implications. We'll get all the right keywords in place, but we'll also keep focus on the human experience. This will lead to attracting the right visitors. Web design Keyword research SEO campaigns After all, you won't ever catch search engines paying for your services. Only people. Continuous Improvement Turn visitors into customers The BEST SEO plans do more than optimize. They include long-term growth plans that include tactics like like blogging, social media, and general website optimization. It's a practical approach to SEO, which puts your users' experiences first. Link building Comprehensive online marketing Improve conversion rates Breath life into your marketing campaigns with an SEO agency that gets it! SEO designed for humans Attracting customers to your website like a magnet SEO Pricing: Orange Pegs Media offers retainer-based packages starting at $1,500/mo. SEO is available as a stand-alone or turn-key service. Strategy Services Offered: Big picture Keyword research (using more than Google Analytics!) Link-building Content marketing On-page & user experience Continuous Improvement Services Offered: Blogging Link-building Content offers Keyword evolution On-page monitoring & updates Growth hacking through measured results More articles on how SEO can impact your business Do you know what SEO stands for? But do you REALLY know? A lot has changed, and Google has spoken. Are you listening? Are you aware of the implications your blogging strategy has on your ability to build credibility through SEO? Yeah, it's huge. What kind of SEO services can I get at an affordable rate? What's considered "affordable," anyway? At Orange Pegs Media our SEO efforts are focused on helping visitors find what they're looking for. We measure success by lead and customer acquisitions, not by impressions or volume of traffic. Our search engine optimization services start with content that educates your clients. providing inroads into understanding the problems you solve. Our SEO packages will help you: Attract relevant visitors to your website Uncover long-tail keyword opportunities Rank for important phrases Turn search queries into sales of your products and services SEO Services At Rise, we believe a strong SEO company does much more than simply drive traffic to a website. SEO is at the core of a customer-centric digital presence. Our team builds strategies around all facets of SEO, from keyword and on-page strategy to technical and offsite, with a focus on prioritizing the areas of greatest opportunity. By identifying quick-wins while building a long-term technical SEO strategy, we maximize conversions and revenue. Additionally, our technique leverages paid search data to inform organic prioritization, helping to yield optimal return. We take a holistic approach to search engine optimization, focusing on both mobile and desktop opportunities. Our team understands the importance of mobile-friendliness in today’s mobile-first world and helps our clients stay ahead of industry updates and best practices. Our expert team of analysts, certified in a number of platforms such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, helps brands make smarter marketing decisions by delivering the clear and actionable data needed to make optimizations quickly. We stay ahead of the ever-changing search engine ecosystem and back our SEO services with solid data, analytics, and projections. Further fueled by our proprietary technology, Connex Analytics, Rise takes a team plus technology approach to optimizing search strategies for our clients. Pulling from a brand’s mix of data sources, Connex enables marketers to dissect complex campaign and budget performance down to the most granular details, allowing our clients to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity and adjust strategy in real-time. This unique approach to SEO helps us make better decisions, faster. The success of organic search hinges on capturing and understanding user intent and content relevancy, while prioritizing the areas of greatest impact. We're analyzing customer signals and creating strategies that allow the right people to discover a brand, regardless of the medium. In addition to focusing on the technical components of SEO, the Rise team helps curate unique and useful content to improve visibility, while deploying creative strategies to optimize across digital marketing channels.
We understand that a pretty website all by itself isn't going to drive business – you need visitors. Our SEO Services drive ideal customers by targeting keywords and giving Google what it wants to see on your site.
Search engine optimization is almost as old as the web itself, but it’s still a critical component for success today. Optimizing your site helps search engines discover and understand your website. Let us show you how an optimized site can improve rankings, increase visibility and boost your traffic with effective, on-site SEO.
*talk about monthly report and analytics you get/why is this better than ppc?/talk about link building*
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Pay-Per-Click Ads
chose your own budget get a report each month Matrix Tools Monthly scale as you go budget, we get a 10 - 20% cut of your adspend. need a minimum? 50$? chose your own budget less percent the more you spend? Maximize the return on your marketing investment with Digital Vertex's PPC program Because you pay for PPC only when an ad is clicked, it’s easy to manage costs, track conversions, and determine your ROI. Cost-per-conversions are valuable when comparing your PPC campaign ROI against other marketing tactics. Data is reported accurately and correctly and campaign results can be tracked extensively. Speed-to-market – PPC ads can be launched quickly, bringing in targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website. Reach – Additional traffic can be sent to your website, expanding your online visibility and helping you establish your company as a leader in your industry. Highly-targeted website traffic–Assigning different ad copies for specific keywords and demographics can dramatically increase the quality of website traffic. PPC ads can be scheduled to run during the best sales periods and in specific geographic regions. Testing Capabilities– PPC is a great way to provide low-risk testing for keywords, enabling you to determine if a full site optimization campaign is worthwhile. It’s also great for landing page A/B testing, allowing you to direct traffic to your choice of different pages of your site in order to find which pages convert at the highest rate. PPC from Distilled drives not only clicks but customers through precision targeting and conversion tracking. Whether we are using paid search, display, social or a combination of these networks, we'll find the right audience for your company and make sure you are getting the greatest return on your PPC spend. We regularly work with the following platforms: Adwords (including the Google Display Network), Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Rise’s signal-driven approach to PPC management services enables brands to target and connect with customers from early on in their exploration all the way through the point of conversion. We assess client programs and provide strategic recommendations based on their maturity and areas of opportunity. By prioritizing investments, we help brands build a strong foundation and then move them toward more advanced stages of paid search as quickly as possible. Supported by our proprietary technology, Connex® Analytics, Rise ensures best practices are captured and scaled across our clients’ businesses, while providing true visibility into campaign performance. Our team’s deep analytical expertise and focus on attribution provides a clear view of the impact of our clients’ paid search investments, enabling us to optimize their entire digital marketing portfolio. Our integrated search marketing services ensure that brands’ organic and paid programs are working together as efficiently as possible. By integrating paid search with other online and offline channels, we are able to create a seamless experience that transcends every touchpoint, including TV and print. Through customer match technologies and third-party data, we reach the right audience with relevant messaging based on where they are in their customer journey. Rise’s paid search management expertise enables brands to reach customers at all stages of the customer journey through a number of delivery methods. These include cost-per-view video, Google Sponsored Promotions in email, product listing ads, mobile app promotions, marketplace listings, and more. The Rise story began with search marketing, and we’ve been helping clients successfully navigate its evolution for more than a decade. We create meaningful interactions at the most impactful moments, using customers' digital signals to capture and capitalize on even the most granular data. Do you want more leads? Hook builds PPC campaigns to capture traffic and potential customers in AdWords & Bing. Effectively scale your lead acquisition strategy with paid ads management - run for you by experts.
Pay-per-click, or PPC, is one of the leading paid advertising methods, and can help boost your businesses performance. PPC ads can appear in search results, show up on relevant news and industry sites, retarget previous visitors or even appear in social media newsfeeds. If you want to give your branding a boost, let us show you the benefits of PPC.
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Lead Generation Services
Matrix Tools lead generation services provide our clients with new business opportunities with exclusive leads for small businesses. Unlike the big expensive inbound lead generation services, our focus is on helping the smaller local business. If you want to work with a company that does all the heavy lifting for you, providing you with a comprehensive set of lead generation and marketing services, then look no further!

We have partnered with some of the TOP lead generation services in the business: Thumbtack, Yelp, Houzz, Porch, HomeYou, and HomeAdvisor.

Every business needs leads for continuous growth year after year. One of the biggest reasons for small business failure is lack of sales.
Our services also help you manage and contact your leads in order to boost your sales and marketing efforts, give you a variety of tracking and reporting tools, and provide an account manager that can give you personalized attention.

No matter how small or big your business, we use only the most reliable resources to find, reach, and engage your ideal customer. Every prospect is held to the standards of your organization and measured against our promise to deliver only opportunities that are a great fit for your business. Stop buying shared leads and lowering your prices just to win the deal. For only $50/mo, your business will get real customers that are ready to buy and are looking for your products and services. Only pay for real leads and watch your business grow!

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